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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Attitudes Are Contagious – Is Yours Worth Catching?

Dear Career Coaches,
Our next Career Coach SIG meeting will be a webinar on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET via phone (425) 440-5100, PIN 093980# or via the web at: (Note: You will receive 1 ICF CCU credit for this call if you attend live. More information can be found here.
My co-host, Annette Cataldi, and I are delighted to announce that our guest speaker will be Dr. David Moore, who will be presenting: ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS – IS YOURS WORTH CATCHING?”
Program Description:

Many people say ‘Attitude is Everything’.  Attitude is VERY important and can make the difference between success and failure.  In the majority of cases, we tune and hone our attitudes over time…very costly time.  We tend to call that time ‘experience’.  Sometimes that time could be better spent.Shocking News: Attitude isn’t everything!  No, really, it isn’t.  We all know people with great attitudes who really suck at their job, they have no money and they live in poverty.  BUT, they have a great attitude about it!!!  Success comes from taking action…but attitude, the RIGHT attitude, will make all the difference in the world if used the right way.  Combine ACTION with the right ATTITUDE and you are ahead of the game.You will discover:

    1. How important the right ATTITUDE is.
    2. Why we do what we do, how we engage with people, how we see and plan the future (our own and our company’s), and what we take away from any situation.
    3. How just one person in a company with a negative attitude can infect the entire team until one day everyone is sitting on the steps outside with their office contents in a cardboard box asking ‘what happened?’
    4. Why it is that you can go to a meeting, or a party, and think, ‘this is going to be a total waste of time’ only to discover that it was?
    5. Why it is that somewhere between starting school and getting our first set of business cards printed we lost the importance of attitude.
    6. What people focus on the most (No, it isn’t attitude).
    7. How we can use the Difference that MAKES the difference.

If you coach, train or teach people on a daily basis and see, hear and deal with negativity again and again, perhaps limiting beliefs are not the only thing holding your clients back? Perhaps it is their attitude.  What can we do about it?  This information may help YOU make the difference!WARNING! This information contains fresh ideas and different perspectives that will lead to expanded perceptions, new understandings and the destruction of limiting beliefs.This information may irritate those suffering from excessive certainty, chronic egotism, and overblown self-importance.


About Our Speaker:

David Moore is an original thinker whose ideas have transformed the effectiveness and quality of life for thousands of people and organizations around the world. For 30 years he has been the creator of innovative ideas and models of Individual, Organizational, Business and Social Transformation.He may be best known to the general public from his Sales Training, Seduction/ Influence and Manipulation programs and Fire and Glass Walking seminars.  He has not only raised almost £2m for charity teaching people to walk on fire but he has spent the last 10 years studying NLP and working with the likes of Richard Bandler and Ross Jeffries.  Currently David Moore commits his time and intellectual effort almost exclusively to Human Potential Technology and Transformation/Regeneration.David Moore is largely self-educated with some specific academic training, albeit with tutoring from and working with some important thinkers of his time: Ross Jeffries, Richard Bandler, Hal Stamford to name a few. Ex Coca-Cola and Business leader Hal Stamford said of Moore “He has had self and formal training in many areas, but he understands things as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. This is an extraordinary intellect at work”.
We welcome you to invite other who might benefit from this highly relevant topic. For more information about the Career Coach SIG please visit
All the Best,
Annette Cataldi and Nora Whalen
Co-Hosts Coach U Career Coach SIG
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