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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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The ART of Business Planning: From Average to a Masterpiece Plan

The recording may be found here.

The slides: 2018-04-The ART of Business Planning

Anyone with an interest in sharing this content with their coachees, or with a need for instructional design or development work to assist their business can reach Tim via his website at or email him directly at


Dear Career Coaches:

My co-host and I are delighted to announce our next Career Coach SIG speaker, Tim Tyler.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12-1pm EDT

(Note: You will receive 1 ICF Resource Development CCE credit for attending the call live and must be present for the full call)

Hosts: Mike Gellman and Corinne PYREE-MARX

Announcement: The ART of Business Planning: From Average to a Masterpiece Plan

Bridge or  1-669-900-6833 ID: 998 119 4281

International #s available:

Program Description:

Depending on whom you ask, between 50{9ee78c5dabd3fd88284aab2f89c5a77173a02407a02332f423ea9bddd9e979a0} and 90{9ee78c5dabd3fd88284aab2f89c5a77173a02407a02332f423ea9bddd9e979a0} of new businesses fail within five years. Those aren’t good odds! What if there were one way you could improve your chances of succeeding? Would you be willing to try it?

Well, it turns out there is one thing you can do that could significantly increase your chances. A recent study has shown that businesses with a written business plan had a 16{9ee78c5dabd3fd88284aab2f89c5a77173a02407a02332f423ea9bddd9e979a0} greater chance of achieving viability. Other studies have shown higher growth rates for business with versus those without a plan, and greater chances of obtaining funding with a written plan.

While a basic business plan can help you set and achieve your goals, a masterpiece business plan will help your business not just survive, but thrive. In The ART of Business Planning, we’ll show you how adding a few key components to a basic plan will turn it into a masterpiece, a business plan not just to succeed, but to surpass all expectations.

If you’re ready not just to survive, but to thrive in your career or business, attend The ART of Business Planning, and take the first step toward an exceptional 2018!

You will learn:

  • Look at your business plan with a fresh perspective
  • Cultivate an attitude of success to keep you on track with your plan
  • Identify the key resources needed to execute on your business plan
  • Audit your tool set to ensure you have the right tools at your disposal to complete your plan

About the Presenter:

As a corporate learning professional with a global real estate brand, Tim developed training to help independent contractor real estate sales associates, often with little to no business experience prior to taking up real estate, develop business skills. Among the topics he focused on was business planning, a skill he picked up while working early in his career with a Big-8 accounting firm. Once he left the corporate world to found his own business, he refined the material he had earlier created to develop The ART of Business Planning to help independent business professionals thrive in their own businesses.

Tim has extensive experience in the challenges of training an independent contractor work force, including legal requirements for terminology and the need to pull learners in rather than push training down. In 2017 he founded Strategic Learning Partners, LLC to bring his learning techniques to a wider audience.


All the Best,

Corinne PYREE-MARX and Mike Gellman

Co-Hosts Coach U Career Coach SIG

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