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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Increase your Emotional Intelligence to Increase Your Practice

Recording of today’s call can be found here:

PowerPoint of today’s call can be found here:  2015-Sept-Cindy 

Assessment on EQ from Cindy can be found here:    EQ Assessment



Dear Career Coaches:

My co-host, Nora Whalen, and I are delighted to announce that our Career Coach SIG speaker for Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 will be Cindy Allen-Stuckey, presenting: “Increase your Emotional Intelligence to Increase Your Practice” from 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET via phone (425) 440-5100, PIN 093980# or via the web at:

(Note: You will receive 1 ICF CCU credit for this call if you attend live.)


Program Description:

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is defined as having the ability to identify and manage your emotions on the one hand, and then to pick up on the emotions of those with whom you are interacting on the other hand. It’s been called the missing link that sets high performers apart from the pack. Developing higher levels of Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, has been proven to be the single most powerful thing you can do to advance your career, professional and personal relationships, and overall happiness.

To provide coaching for emotional intelligence, you must become a student of the topic and start developing those aspects of your own emotional competencies that need improvement. You will hardly be a credible coach if you don’t model the very behaviors you are asking people to develop.


At this workshop, you will:

* Learn the definition of EQ

* Complete a self-assessment to rate your own EQ

* Discuss the reasons why coaches should cultivate emotional intelligence

* Be able to apply 4 strategies to improve your EQ


About our Speaker:

After 20+ years in the business world, Cindy Allen-Stuckey founded Making Performance Matter (MPM) with the purpose of empowering small to medium-sized organizations and not-for-profits to set and reach goals-never thought possible. She does this by collaborating with leaders to identify their unique challenges and then developing customized solutions (business coaching, workshop facilitation, and professional speaking) that are relevant, measurable, and sustainable.


Prior to founding MPM, Cindy held senior leadership positions in three global manufacturing organizations where she developed solid people strategies that grew their businesses to the next levels. She holds masters’ degrees in both management and education, is certified in ATD’s Human Performance Improvement, and is active in Society for Human Resources Management, Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, & Association for TalentDevelopment. Cindy is a regular show host of “Making Performance Matter: Translate Strategy into Action” at:

Making Performance Matter is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).



All the Best,

Annette Cataldi and Nora Whalen

Co-Hosts Coach U Career Coach SIG

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