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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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The Art of Prospect Conversation: Transitioning Them Online to Offline

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Dear Career Coaches,

Our next Career Coach SIG meeting will be a webinar on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET via phone (425) 440-5100, PIN 093980# or via the web at: (Note: You will receive 1 ICF CCU credit for this call if you attend live. More information can be found here.

My co-host, Annette Cataldi, and I are delighted to announce that our guest speaker will be Jessica Dewell, who will be presenting: “The Art of Prospect Conversation: “Transitioning Them Online to Offline”

Program Description:

“In the Art of Prospect Conversation: Transition Them Online to Offline”, you will discover:

1. WHO is the customer?

Profiles (Character Customer Profiles) are a composite of traits representing people you want to work with.

2. What does the competition do?

The bar starts high online. Must keep minimum level of service that everyone else does, and then add your sparkle to stand out and be different.

3. What experience makes your business unique?

Comes down to what you say you will do, what you actually do, and how people you work with perceive what you know.

4. How can you be consistent?

In real life, what you post yourself, and what you automate … there is a sweet spot for you.

About Our Speaker:

Jessica Dewell is Founder and CEO of Red Direction, powered by Elastic Rock, LLC. Since 1999, Jessica has been working with companies to stay competitive, to open the door to conversations (online marketing – socially), and to utilizing existing resources to expand effectively online. What you’ll see on LinkedIn ( illustrates that she has worked with business owners. Together they created the best practices around programs and technology to help create opportunity for active communication. By that – she means sharing information on the internet specifically and deliberately so that when people are ready to buy they will easily find, research, and ask questions.

It seems harder than creating message and pushing them out – however she thinks it’s much easier that people realize. Both avenues are hard work. Both can be tricky to effectively measure results. Both create brand and product awareness. However, in a time where purchase influences come from many different places and the fact that there is so much noise online, focusing on the conversation and content takes the lead.

As you get to know Jessica, you will find that she:

* believes that hard work doesn’t have to be life-consuming or require sacrifice.

* loves to listen and understand what makes you, your business, your product so unique.

* is passionate about setting expectations for what a customer will experience.

* believes something will always come up working on a project, some expected and some unexpected.

Regardless of the project she starts, Jessica find herself in a place to help bring people together in meaningful ways. you can find Jessica on Google Plus, Twitter, and her blog Red Direction. Oh, she is also on air – Hangouts on Air. Check out Jess + Scott + You! and Women In Business Today.


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All the Best,

Annette Cataldi and Nora Whalen

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