Freedom is something we all cherish. Years before I got my driver’s license a 16 I remember asking so many questions about learning how to drive.I am sure you remember the day you got your first car. It is all you think about at that age and when the time comes that it’s unsafe for your loved one to drive, taking their independence way is unimaginable. It’s something you never want to have happen to you.

Safety for your loved ones and safety for those in the path of your loved ones is a responsibility you probably never thought you would have to deal with. Luckily for me, Tom forgot to get his license renewed before it expired which makes the process of getting your license harder. When Anne had her accident, Tom renewed the campaign to keep his independence.

His primary care physician recommended Brant’s Driving School. They have an Adventist Hospital, Rockville, MD location. From what I understand, if your loved one fails the exam process then they won’t be allowed to renew their license. With Tom we were dealing with more of the physical ramifications of the strokes, diabetes, neuropathy, etc. Luckily, the dementia made Tom forget that he wanted to pursue this task. Small blessings with the lack of executive function. we didn’t have to use Brant’s, but hopefully this is a good resource for you if you needed it.

The topic of taking away a loved one’s license is a common discussion at Sibley’s Club Memory support group. You are not alone and this is a difficult task. You can do it!


Tidbit of Advice:   If you can make someone else the bad guy during ever, do it! You are the recipient of displaced anger in other arenas and rightfully directed anger, if there is a professional, who can take some of the blame, use them. Every little bit helps.