Below you will find Tom’s medications list.

  • Yes, I asked his permission to share this.
  • Yes, you can question whether he full understands what I was asking (dementia), but the benefits (see below) in sharing this as is out ways all else, in my opinion.
  • Yes, we definitely keep big pharma in business.
  • Yes, Tom is a medical mess. I’m not being mean that’s a quote from an anesthesiologist Tom had once before one of his surgeries.


Benefits Of Sharing This:

  • You now have a template to create your own medication list so you don’t have to drag the prescription bottles to ever doctors appointment. One of two is easy enough to drop into a purse but when the pills could fill an overnight bag forget about it! Also, you don’t have to worry about forgetting one or remembering mg dosages.
  • When the number of prescriptions increase, it’s helpful for the doctors to have a full list in front of them.
  • Ideally this list will bring relief to other caregivers. My wish for you is that your list is smaller than ours.
  • This could speed up the distribution process for you. One person in my Club Memory support group spends hours filling pill boxes each month.
  • If something happens to you, someone else has set guidelines on how to properly take care of your loved one.


PDF Version:   Tom’s Medication List 11-1-18

Word Version:  Tom’s Medication List 11-1-18

Tidbit of Advice:     When you update the list, email yourself a copy and a copy to whomever might be secondary medical power of attorney. You never know when there might be an emergency room trip and if you are not the person taking the patient to the hospital – these days you can email the ER doctor from your phone!

Also, do one for yourself. Doctor’s appointments are stressful and you can’t remember everything.